Demand equal justice under the law

Yesterday, Biden & Democrats have turned the US into a Banana Republic. “Saving Democracy” means “Destroying Democracy” in the Democrats’ playbook. In NJ, the Murphy AG is attacking school districts and parents.
What they are doing to a former president, they plan to do to every American citizen who dares express an opinion they do not approve of.
Every American can see the injustice of the Biden police state. Have you had enough of this madness? Why are local Democrats silent about this political persecution of a presidential candidate? Why are local Democrats silent on this blatant election interference of the 2024 presidential election? Why are they silent about the Biden Family corruption scandal?
If you still believe in this US constitution, law and order and individual freedoms speak up now. The weaponization of our justice system is a threat to our very survival as a country.
The Cherry Hill Republican Organization is calling every Cherry Hill Resident to stand united with the former president and demand equal justice under the law.

Jennifer Sharman

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